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pyrolysis equipment


pyrolysis oil


  • 1.High oil yield;no bad smell during process.
  • 2.Enough safety systems;normal pressure.
  • 3.Recycled tail gas to heating machine;no waste emission.
  • 4.Auto welding to ensure the machine life, service life will be 8-10years.
  • 5.Excellent service(pre-service,selling service,after-sale-service).
pyrolysis machine

Customer Feedback

"My machine is running well now, the oil yield rate is about 43%. Now we already started sell oil, my oil price is 35 Ruppes/kg."

India Mr. DheerajCompany CEO

"Your new technology is very good. I put some catalyst as you told to my old technology machine. It works very well. We tested the emission from chiminey. The CO content was 2600, now after put the catalyst, it reduced to 443."

Pakistan Mr. Ather Project Director

"Thanks very much for your help. Your after sale service is very good. If I will buy the 2nd machine in the future, I will surely buy from you. "

Malaysia Mr, Ye Project Director