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How to set up waste tyre pyrolysis machine?

Nowadays, more and more waste tyres and plastic thrown away, some place landfill them or burn. But, it is not a suitable to disposal waste tyre and plastic. Usually, people used waste tyre pyrolysis machine to process these waste to energy.But, how to set up waste tyre pyrolysis machine?

First,to make a market research to see if this project is fit the market situation.(fuel oil price, and fuel oil buyers in local market)

Second,if this pyrolysis plant project is suitable, you can collect waste tyres and plastic.

Third,Prepare land to set up the pyrolysis plant. 10t capacity waste tyre pyrolysis machine size is 30m length and 15m width. so, The land size is about 400 square meters. But, as our experience, it's better to prepare more land to store your raw material(waste tyres & plastic),and final product( fuel oil,carbon black).

After all of these finished, you can come visit our factory to discuss the details about contract.

Besides,we will send one of our engineer to your place guide installation and tranning your worker to operate this machine. The installation period is about 30 days.

Customer project:
waste tyre pyrolysis machine Mexico
This is Mexico customer, set up 6 sets waste tyre pyrolysis plant in 2013
waste tyre pyrolysis machine
Waste tyre pyrolysis machine in Albania set up in 2011
waste tyre pyrolysis
Waste tyre pyrolysis machine in Nigeria set up in 2013

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Recycling pyrolysis plant product

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tyre pyrolysis plant

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