Pyrolysis plant projects case

Pakistan used tire recycling machine

This customer visit factory in November 2012 and signed the contract for 2 sets used tire recycling machine. Machines were successfully running in Match 2013 and oil yield rate is 43%-46%.

disposal waste tires
Pakistan customer visit used tire recycling pyrolysis machine

He purchased the 3rd machine 3 months after the first 2 used tire recycling machines’ successfully running.
The following photos are used tire recycling machines installation in his 2 factories.

waste tire disposal way
Used tire recycling machine in installation site

waste tire disposal
Waste tire recycling machine in installation site

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Recycling pyrolysis plant product

Pyrolysis plant product photos

Diesel from plastic waste plant
Waste oil distillation machine
Waste oil to diesel equipment
Pyrolysis Tire Recycling Plant
Conversion of plastic waste to fuel oil
10Ton tyre pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant projects

The pyrolysis plant for recycling waste tyre/plastic to oil delivery to Panama
Lebanon installing 10T capacity waste tire pyrolysis plant
 Waste tyre pyrolysis machine installation in Guatemala
Waste tyre pyrolysis machine in India customer factory
Waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant installed in Panama
Guatemala customer Installed waste tyre recycling machine