How can get a higher oil yield from waste tyres?

tyre to oil
Waste tyre to oil machine

Everyone engaged in waste tyre to oil machine business wants to get higher ratio oil from waste tyre as oil yield is an important factor influence client profits. The more oil you get from waste tyre/tyre, the more wealth you can get. While, due to many influences, people always can not get satisfied output products. In fact, there are three decisive factors that affect oil yield, lets’ see it together:

First, Raw Material:

tyre to oil machine
waste tyres
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waste plastic
Choose what kind of raw material is very important for clients, different materials and the degree of wet and dry materials will have the different oil yield. Generally speaking, the approximate oil yield are as follows: PE: 50%-75%, PP: 50%-75%, PS: 50%-75%, ABS: 40%, PVE and PET: Unavailable. As to the waste tyres, the drier of your tyre, the higher of the oil yield. So if your raw material is too wet, please dry it in the sun before processing.

Second, Cooling effect:

You can image, if your waste tyre to oil machine have better cooling effect, more oil gas will be converted into liquid oil, then you will sell it with more profits. Doing waste tyre to oil machine adopts three steps of cooling system.

1. Cooling water and crude oil and pouring oil into the first heavy oil tank through oil-water separator.

2. Cooling light oil and pouring it into the second measuring tank.

3. Cooling the oil gas and exhaust gas (main composition of natural gas are methane, ethane, butane, hydrogen, etc ). Separating the gas above C4H, gas below C4H which can not be liquified under normal pressure can be recycled to furnace thus energy saving and environmental friendly.

Third: Temperature control of waste tyre to oil machine:

It was kepped by the workers. If the workers can’t control the temperature properly, amounts of oil gas will turn to exhausts. The Oil gas and tail gas is reciprocal relationship, if the temperature is too high, there will be more tail gas. So worker working efficiency should have strict rules. Our company will send rich experienced engineer for machine installation and workers traning, Do not worry about this.

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