How is Delivery of tyre recycling machine?

After receiving customer’s deposit, we started producing tyre recycling machine, within 30 days can be shipped. Customers will need to balance paid in full, when we show the delivery tyre recycling machine pictures to customer or the customer see the loading tyre recycling machine in our factory. At this time the tyre recycling machine can be delivery to the port, and shipped on board. We generally ship Qingdao Port.
When shipped, some customers may be concerned about the problem of freight forwarding company. Of course, customers can specify their own forwarding company, or we designated forwarding company. According to our experience, we strongly recommend using our cooperation forwarder. First, the forwarder that we cooperate with us for a long time, have a rich experience in loading our tyre recycling machine, shipment terms can be done without damage to the machine; secondly, due to we often cooperated, so they will have reasonable sea freight.
This tyre recycling machine is need a 40 foot high cube container and a 40-foot Opening Flat Rack (40HQ +40 FR); while distillation machine just requires one 40-foot high cube container.

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Delivery the tyre recycling machine

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