Waste tyre and plastic to diesel project in Colombia

Below is the feedback picture from the Colombian customer, Camilo, who has successfully produced diesel from waste tyres and plastics. After producing diesel oil, he immediately told us the good news. From the communication with him, we could feel that he was very happy.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantColombia waste tyre and plastic to diesel project

Camilo did the waste tyre to diesel project by ordering our waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant combined with the pyrolysis oil distillation plant. Because he has more than a dozen landfills in the Colombian capital. Rubbish such as tyres and plastic cannot be disposed of in landfills alone. By chance, he found the waste tire to diesel project on our website, so he began to communicate with our company for the first time.

pyrolysis oil distillation plantDOING website

After a detailed understanding, he knew the principle of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant to get pyrolysis oil from the waste tyre and plastic, and the working process of pyrolysis oil distillation plant to get diesel from pyrolysis oil. And he's very confident about the project.

After many times of communication, he and his partner personally visited DOING company. Finally, after nearly a week of face-to-face communication, they finally signed a contract to buy a set of 10T waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant and a set of pyrolysis oil distillation plant.

tyre to diesel projectCamilo and his partner visited DOING company

After all the machines were shipped to Colombia, it took two months of installation, commissioning and worker training. When everything was ready, the tyre to diesel project began formal production.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantCamilo's factory of waste tyre and plastic to diesel project

By running our machines, Camilo end up with very high quality diesel fuel from waste tyres and waste plastics, as well as good profits. Camilo made the project he wanted, and he thanked our company very much. Now he keeps good communication with our company.

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