How to deal with the rapidly increased waste tires?

Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry, the number of waste tires in the world is increasing rapidly at a rate of 15%. In recent years, there have been more and more safety accidents caused by waste tires, such as fires caused by long-term accumulation of waste tires. So, how do we deal with these rapidly increased waste tires? An environmentally friendly and economical way is to use waste tire pyrolysis plant to dispose of waste tires.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tires

Henan Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant converts waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and uncondensable gas through pyrolysis technology. Henan Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with a complete environmental protection system, which can effectively deal with the gas pollution generated during the pyrolysis process, meet the national gas emission standards, and will not pollute the environment. So, how does the waste tire pyrolysis plant deal with waste tires? Next, I'll take Henan Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant as an example to introduce the workflow of waste tire pyrolysis plant.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant

1. Put the waste tires into pyrolysis reactor and seal it well;

2. Use fuel to heat the pyrolysis reactor, when the temperature of the reactor reaches 150 degrees, oil gas will generate;

3. The oil gas are cooled down into fuel oil through the cooling system, and part of uncondensable but combustible oil gas will be collected to heat the pyrolysis reactor after being processed by the tail gas cleaning system. This not only saves fuel, but also protects the environment;

4. After the oil gas are completely pyrolyzed, the carbon black will be discharged automatically;

5. When the temperature of the yrolysis reactor drops to 50 degrees, the worker can open the door of the reactor and take out the steel wire;

waste tire pyrolysis plantWorking process of waste tire pyrolysis plant

Henan Doing pyrolysis plant can not only deal with waste tires, but also waste plastic, the capacity is between 100KG and 50T per day, the fuel oil yield can reach 45%. If you want to know more information about waste tire pyrolysis plant, welcome to consult us.

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