What raw materials are suitable for the pyrolysis plant? What is the oil yield?

Now, the application of pyrolysis plant can not only solve the waste material pollution in daily life, but also alleviate the crisis of oil shortage in some areas, and provide us with a new energy situation, which has been favored by more and more investors. Then what raw materials are the suitable for pyrolysis plant? What is their oil yield?

pyrolysis plantRaw materials suitable for pyrolysis plant

Generally speaking, the raw materials suitable for pyrolysis plant include waste tire, waste plastic and waste rubber. Of course, different raw materials have different oil yield. Among them, the oil yield of waste tire and waste rubber is close to each other. The oil yield of waste tires is between 35% and 52%, while that of waste rubber is between 30% and 35%. The oil yield of different types of rubber is very similar. As shown in the figure below.

tyre pyrolysis plantAll kinds of waste tyres and rubber that can be treated by pyrolysis plant

However, the oil yield of waste plastics is relatively high, and the oil yield of different waste plastics also varies greatly. For example, PE with high oil yield can reach 95%; PP and PS can reach 90%; and of course there are also some types of plastics that yield as little as 20% or 30%; In addition, some plastics are not suitable for oil refining, such as PVC and PET.

plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastics that can be treated by pyrolysis plant

So if you want to do waste pyrolysis business, you first need to know which raw materials are suitable for processing with pyrolysis plant, and also need to consider the oil yield of raw materials you have collect. Of course, knowing the oil yield of different raw materials, we can try to collect those raw materials with higher oil yield for more profits.

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