Why to recycle waste tires?

Waste tires are called "black pollution", and its recycling technology has always been a worldwide problem, as well as an environmental problem. In the 1990s, the most common practice in countries around the world was to bury or pile up waste tires. However, the accumulation of a large number of waste tires can easily cause fires and cause serious land pollution. Therefore, the most appropriate way to dispose of waste tires is recycling. So, what are the methods to recycle used tires?

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tires

1. Tire retreading.

For tires with relatively low wear levels, professional rubber compounds can be used for reprocessing and vulcanization to make retreaded tires. However, the retreaded tires have certain safety risks. Doing Group does not recommend customers to dispose of waste tires in this way;

2. Reprocessing waste tires.

Large tires, such as truck tires, engineering tires are generally recycled into rubber particles and rubber powder, and then the rubber powder is further processed into raw rubber. These things can be used to improve asphalt, make waterproof materials, rubber floor tiles or rubber runways. Small tires, such as car tires, bicycle tires have relatively few uses,they can only be ground into powder and then processed into waterproof materials. This recycling method needs to consider the type of tires, and the recycling range is relatively limited.

3. Refining waste tires into tire pyrolysis oil.

Because tires are rich in chemical elements, such as carbon and nitrogen, tires can actually be pyrolyzed into fuel oil. After pyrolysis and cooling of the tire, tire pyrolysis oil can be obtained, and the tire pyrolysis oil can be further purified to obtain diesel. The waste tire pyrolysis plant can treat all kinds of waste tires without considering the type of waste tires and it is safe and pollution-free.

waste tire pyrolysis plantFrom waste tires to tire pyrolysis oil

By comparing the above three methods of recycling waste tires, it is not difficult to find that using waste tire pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tires is the most suitable method. Next, Doing Group will analyze the significance of using waste tire pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tires from the two aspects of environmental protection and profit.

1. Environmental protection.

The pyrolysis reactor of the waste tire pyrolysis plant is fully sealed and will not produce dust or other pollutants. The environmental protection system includes tail gas cleaning system and smoke cleaning system, which can effectively treat the tail gas and smoke generated during the pyrolysis process. For example, the uncondensable but combustable tail gas smells unpleasant and is harmful to the human body. After the tail gas cleaning system purifies the tail gas, it is recycled by the industrial pressure vessel to heat the pyrolysis reactor to save fuel. The smoke generated during the fuel combustion process can meet the national gas emission standards after being processed by the smoke cleaning system, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

waste tire pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection system

2. The profit of end products.

The final products after pyrolysis of tires are mainly fuel oil and carbon black. Fuel oil is a good heating fuel, which can be used for boiler heating, steel plants, heavy oil generator sets, cement plants, etc. In addition, the waste oil distillation machine can also be used to refine fuel oil into diesel. This diesel product can replace standard diesel for diesel internal combustion engines, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery. The current price of fuel oil on the market is around US$500, and the price has been rising, so the market prospect of fuel oil is very good. Carbon black is also a good fuel and has a higher calorific value than coal. Carbon black can not only be compressed into spherical combustion, but also can be further refined into powder for use in rubber soles, tires, paints and other additives.

waste tire pyrolysis plantApplicatioin of end products

The above is the analysis of why we should recycle waste tires. Doing Group waste tire pyrolysis plant can not only recycle waste tires, but also waste plastics. The waste tire pyrolysis plant of Doing Group has passed European and American environmental protection standards and we have installed equipment in more than 90 countries around the world. If you have other materials want to process, please feel free to consult us,our engineers will provide suitable solutions for you.

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