What catalyst is used in plastic pyrolysis plant?

Plastic pyrolysis plant can pyrolyze waste plastics into small molecular hydrocarbons in an oxygen-free environment by heating. In the waste plastic recycling industry, plastic pyrolysis is one of the ways to effectively recycle waste plastics. This process can crack waste plastics to produce fuel oil gas and carbon black. Many people who are concerned about the pyrolysis process of waste plastics are asking : Do you need a catalyst in the plastic pyrolysis plant? The answer is no. Following, our DOING company has made a detailed answer to this problem.

plastic pyrolysis plantDOING plastic pyrolysis plant

First, in an oxygen-free environment, waste plastics will not burn or produce harmful gases, therefore, under the processing conditions of our waste plastic pyrolysis plant, no harmful gas is generated, so no additional catalyst is needed to suppress the generation of harmful gas.

In addition, at a high temperature of 200 degrees to 400 degrees, the plastic pyrolysis speed is very fast, and it is not necessary to add additional catalysts to increase the pyrolysis speed.

Thirdly, customers choose PP PE PS as the raw material of waste plastic pyrolysis plant. These plastics will not produce glue or wax during the pyrolysis process. Therefore, there is no need to add catalyst to remove glue and wax.

Therefore, no catalyst is needed in the pyrolysis process of waste plastics. But some people may find that there is still a catalyst in the process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant. Why?

In fact, some of the catalysts that appear in the pyrolysis process of waste plastics on the market are used to increase the pyrolysis rate. Because our waste plastic pyrolysis plant has a high pyrolysis efficiency, this catalyst is not needed.

There is also another part of the catalyst that is used in the pyrolysis process of plastics due to the use of fuel for heating and the use of catalysts to reduce smoke pollution during the heating process to raise the emission standard. But this catalyst is not used in the plastic pyrolysis process.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantUsing catalysts to reduce smoke pollution

In summary, no catalyst is needed in the pyrolysis process of the plastic pyrolysis plant. If you have more questions about waste plastic pyrolysis plant or the pryolysis process, please consult us.


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