How is pyrolysis tyre to diesel process?

pyrolysis tyre to diesel
Pyrolysis tyre to diesel machine
Large amounts of waste tyre to be recycled ,how to dipose this waste tyre is a big problems.Burning or lanfill waste tyre not only polltion the environment ,but also be harm to our health.In order to dispose the problems.henan Doing produced waste tyre pyrolysis plant ,the waste tyre pyrolysis plant can pyrolysis waste tyre fuel oil ,carbon black and steel wire.

Pyrolysis tyre to diesel ?
tyre to diesel
Pyrolysis tyre to diesel working process


First of all, put the tyre pyrolysis oil in the Pyrolysis tyre to diesel plant for further process;

Secondly, heat the plastic pyrolysis oil in non-oxygen environment, which will start to boil and evaporate;

Thirdly, put those vapors through a cooling pipe and the vapors will be condensed to liquid and some of the vapors with shorter hydrocarbon lengths will remain as a gas;

Fourthly, the exit of the cooling pipe is then going through a bubbler containing water to capture the last liquid forms of fuel and leave only gas that is then burned;
diesel fuel
Diesel fuel application
Finally, this kind of oil will be piped into deep purifying system with acidity and alkaline cleaning device as well as pressure filtering system. And then, we can get qualified diesel fuel.

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