A Regular Canadian customer ordered 3TPD pyrolysis oil refinery plant from DOING

On May 10, 2023, Doing Company achieved good cooperation with our regular Canadian customer again, and he ordered a set of 3TPD pyrolysis oil refinery plant after purchasing a set of 10TPD pyrolysis plant.

He was impressed by our mature pyrolysis technology and all-around services for helping him arrange the machine shipping well. So when this Canadian customer had new requirements for the pyrolysis oil refinery plant, he contacted us again.

pyrolysis oil refinery plant Pyrolysis oil refinery plant for sale

Pyrolysis oil refinery machine order details:

1. Raw material: tire plastic pyrolysis oil, waste oils like used engine motor oil, old lube oil, liquid oil sludge, etc.

2. Daily Capacity: 3 tons waste oil/pyrolysis oil raw materials per batch

3. Final product and applications:

(1) about 85% Diesel fuel: used in heavy machinery, boilers, generators, trucks, ships and so on.

(2) about 15% Asphalt: directly sell it to the refinery plant, or use it for paving roads.

After the installation of the pyrolysis plant and pyrolysis oil refinery plant project, it will help to turn the local waste oil resources into treasure, realize environmental protection, recycling and reuse of resources, and obtain considerable resources of fuel substitutes. Thereby, it can enhance the economic benefits of the Canadian customer.

waste to diesel recycling plantWaste to diesel recycling plant working process

If you have plans to set up relative waste to diesel fuel recycling plants, just feel free to consult us. Our dedicated sales and engineering teams will customize suitable solutions with our rich installation experience.

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