Is it environmentally friendly to produce oil from waste plastic?

In recent years, due to the increasing attention to environmental protection, more and more plastic pyrolysis project investors worried is it environmentally friendly to produce oil from waste plastic. Actually, the project of producing oil from waste plastic belongs to the chemical project. In the production process, it will produce a certain amount of pollution, such as the production of non-condensable gas and flue gas produced by combustion heating. Don’t worry. These are only intermediate products and will not be released into the air, because DOING plastic to oil pyrolysis plant is equipped with environmental protection devices. These environmental protection devices can further treat harmful substances, so that their final emission can meet standards.

plastic pyrolysis plantDOING plastic to oil pyrolysis plant

The following are commonly used devices to produce oil from waste plastic environmental friendly.

Tail gas cleaning and odor removal system

There are some gases will be produced in the pyrolysis process which cannot be cooled but can be used for combustion heating the furnace to save fuel. However, if the non-condensable gas is directly burned, it will produce an unbearable smelly taste. Therefore, we design the tail gas cleaning and odor removal system which can remove harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide from the non-condensable gas before the tail gas is burned, and then apply it to the combustion heating furnace, so as to solve the odor problem of the factory.

pyrolysis plantTail gas cleaning and odor removal system

Desulfurization tower device

When the fuel combustion heating reactor, it will produce some smoke which will cause air pollution if directly discharged. So we designed the desulfurization tower with catalysts to clean the dust and sulfide out which can make the final emission reach the local emission standard.

plastic to oil Desulfurization tower device

Carbon black screw hoist and carbon black wind transport system

When carbon black is discharged, the spiral hoist is usually used to discharge it, which can avoid the phenomenon of black flying randomly, and also save labor. Besides, for huge projects like several sets of pyrolysis plant together, it is suggested to install the carbon black wind transport system, which is a completely closed system. The carbon black is collected through the wind transport pipeline to the carbon black temporary storage warehouse, so that there is no need to worry about the problem of factory pollution.

plastic pyrolysis plantCarbon black screw hoist and carbon black wind transport system

In conclusion, through the synergistic effect of the above device, the plastic to oil pyrolysis plant can achieve environmentally friendly production and operation. So if you're going to produce oil from waste plastic, you don't have to worry about the pollution. You can rest assured to buy DOING environmental protection plastic pyrolysis plant.


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