Vietnam installing 10T capacity waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Our Vietnam customer bought one set 10T waste plastic pyrolysis plant from our company, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in waste tire /plastic/rubber pyrolysis plant, waste tyre & rubber pyrolysis plant, waste tire/plastic/rubber crude oil distillation plant ranging from Research & Development, Design, Manufacturing to Installation & Commissioning.
Now, our engineer Mr Zhu is installing the whole system for our customers.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Vietnam  instlling 10T capacity waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The waste plastic pyrolysis plant for our Vietnam customer is the newest design pyrolysis plants, unlike other recycling systems in use today, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant process does not involve any pre-processing of feedstock. It can process whole plastic up to 1.5 meters in diameter – continuously. The waste plastic pyrolysis system produces high quality carbon black and oil at a lower cost than any other recycling system and is extremely energy efficient.
Now let us see the installation of waste plastic pyrolysis plant for our Vietnam customer.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Installing 10T capacity waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Vietnam 

10T capacity waste plastic pyrolysis plant final product and aplication

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Fuel Oil (40% to 45%)
The main application of oil products produced by our waste  plastic pyrolysis plant  is the fuel oil that is wide used for industrial and commercial purposes. Such as power plant factory,glass factory,cement factory,ceramic fatory.

Exhaust gas (About 10%)
We get about 10% pyrolytic gases during pyrolysis process. The main component of this gases are methane (CH4), so we can not condense and store this gases. We use this gases to heat the reactor and we can use exceed gases for other heating application.

 Carbon Black Powder (30% to 35%)
The second product of waste plastic pyrolysis plant  is carbon black. ThThe quantity of carbon black is about 30% to 35% according to plastic quality. Carbon black can application to electric cable jacketing,black nylon bag,rubber additive.


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