Waste tyre pyrolysis plant installation in Lebanon

Lebanon customer bought one set of waste tyre pyrolysis plant and one sef of oil refining plant from our company .Our company produced waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process waste tires with pyrolysis technoloyg .After processing of waste tyre pyrolysis pant, the final products will be fuel oil , carbon black and steel wire. Fuel oil is a good heating fuel which can be used in many industries for heating purpose.The oil refining plant help Lebanon customer to convert waste tyre oil to diesel ,which can be used in the tractor,truck,generator,oil burner,etc.

Here is a picture of waste tyre pyrolysis plant  in Lebanon customer place,let us have a look:

tyre pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant  installation in Lebanon
In order to get much more econmic profit ,Lebanon customer bought the carbon black briquetting machine,which can be make carbon black powder into small pellets.The small pellets can sell in the market directly.

Now let us see the final product small pellets from carbon black briquetting machine:
pyrolysis plant in Lebanon
Here is the picture of oil sample from waste tyre pyrolysis plant and oil refining plant

tyre pyrolysis plant
Fuel oil and diesel

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