Pyrolysis Plant FAQ2---Final Product&Applications

applicationsThe pyrolysis plant product and applications


1.What is the final products obtained from the pyrolysis plant?

We will get different finished products from different raw materials. The proportions of the final products also vary according to the raw materials.

Raw material End products
Waste rubber/tires Fuel oil, carbon black, syn-gas, steel wire;
Waste plastic Fuel oil, carbon black;
Waste oil sludge Fuel oil, ash, syn-gas
Aluminum Plastic Material Aluminum ingot, fuel oil, syn-gas
Coal tar oil Fuel oil, asphalt

2.What is the applications of the final products?

End Products

Wide Applications
Pyrolysis Oil Can be sold directly;
Reprocessed into non-standard diesel by waste oil distillation machine for high value and wider applications;
Can be used as alternative fuel for glass factory, steel factory, power plant, ceramic factory, cement factory, etc.;

Can be sold directly;
Reprocessedintohighqualitycarbonblack (N330, N660) by the carbon black processingplant;
Make carbon brick by briquetting equipment;
SteelWire Can be reprocessed or used to make steel and iron rod;
CombustibleGas Can be recycled as fuel to heat the pyrolysis reactor for secondary use.

3.How is the oil yield?

The oil yield of different raw materials is very different. The rubber/tires oil yield is about 30%-45%. The oil yield of waste plastics is from 20% to 90%. If you want to know the specific oil yield, you can contact us to send samples for testing. DOING Pyrolysis plant has the mature pyrolysis technology and professional condensing system, which can ensure high oil yield and high profits.

4.Can pyrolysis oil be used to produce diesel?

Yes. After further distillation by DOING waste oil distillation plant, the pyrolysis oil’s color and quality will be upgraded. The obtain diesel can be mixed with conventional diesel to be used as fuel for low-speed vehicles.

pyrolysis oil The process of pyrolysis oil to diesel

5.Can pyrolysis oil be used as generator fuel?

Yes, it can be used as special generator fuel.

6.Will waste water, waste particulate matter, oil residues be produced during the process?

No. The waste used in the cooling system if DOING pyrolysis plant are circulating water. The waste water in the water seal and spray tower can be evaporated at high temperature in the discharge chamber and furnace, and the residual oil in the residual oil tank can be directly re-entered into the main reactor for re-pyrolysis or stratified and directly mixed into the pyrolysis oil. The flue gas emission will be discharged up to the standard after exhaust gas treatment, and there will be no waste particulate matter discharged.

7.Do you have analysis report of the pyrolysis oil generated from DOING pyrolysis machine?

Yes, we have SGS reports for tire and plastic pyrolysis oil. Please contact us if you need more details.

8.What are the factors that affect tire oil yield?

①The condensation area of the combustible gas condenser;

②The water volume and water temperature of the circulating water;

③Heating rate and temperature control.


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