How to convert waste plastic into fuel?

Most of the waste plastics in our lives can be converted into fuel oil to realize the regeneration and utilization of resources, for example, pure PP plastic, pure PE plastic, pure PS plastic, pure ABS plastic and other plastic waste. In general, we can use waste plastic pyrolysis plant to convert waste plastics into fuel oil, combustible gas, carbon black and other products through the principle of high temperature pyrolysis.

plasticDifferent metarials waste plastics

So how can waste plastic be converted into fuel? The specific waste plastic to fuel converting processes are as follows: heating, catalyzing, pyrolysis and cooling.

First, the waste plastic is sent into the reactor of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, and after heating the reactor to a certain extent, oil gas will be produced. Then the oil gas will be condensed into fuel oil through the condensing system and enter the oil tank. In the process of heating the reactor, in addition to generating oil gas, there will also be combustible gas and carbon black. The generated combustible gas will be treated by the exhaust gas purification system and then recycled as fuel to heat the reactor. After the heating process is over, the remaining material in the reactor is carbon black, which is collected by the carbon black recovery system.

plastic to oilThe process of plastic to oil pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis oil is a new type of fuel, which has a wide range of uses and can be directly used in large factories such as steel factory, cement factory, brick factory, etc., without causing pollution to the environment. This fuel oil can also be further converted into diesel oil through pyrolysis oil refining machine; Carbon black can also be used as a fuel for briquetting combustion, with a calorific value equivalent to that of coal, and can directly replace coal. This method not only effectively treats waste plastics and alleviates environmental pollution problems, but also generates new fuels, turning waste into treasure.

pyrolysis oilThe application of pyrolysis oil

Converting waste plastics into fuel requires a waste plastic pyrolysis plant with excellent quality, high oil yield and high production efficiency. Henan Doing Company has spent many years on the research and development of the waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant project, and our waste plastic pyrolysis plants have been sold to 90+ countries and regions around the world, and has won the trust and great praise of customers. If you are interested, welcome to inquire!


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