How to treat the municipal solid waste like waste tires and plastics?

Municipal solid waste is the unavoidable waste generated in human daily activities, such as waste plastics, waste tires, medical waste, etc. Usually we can treat the municipal solid waste by landfill, incineration and pyrolysis technology.

But landfill occupies a lot of land resources, polluting the surrounding environment and groundwater resources. Incineration will emit a lot of toxic and harmful gases and residues. Therefore, it’s more suggested to treat the municipal solid waste such as waste tires and waste plastics by pyrolysis technology, which is not only environment friendly, but also can create considerable profits for people.

waste plastic Municipal solid waste

Pyrolysis technology is a high-temperature thermal decomposition technology of organic matter under anaerobic or anoxic conditions. It uses thermal energy to decompose polymer compounds of the municipal solid waste like waste tires and plastics, and convert macromolecular organic matter into small molecular flammable gases , liquid fuels and coke process.

Batch pyrolysis plant 3D picture  The 3d picture of waste plastic/tyre pyrolysis plant

DOING Company had been engaged in the fabrication of pyrolysis plant for 10+ years and we have exported the pyrolysis plants to 90+ countries and regions. And our advanced pyrolysis plant can process waste tires or waste plastics and other municipal solid waste into fuel oil or pyrolysis oil through high temperature in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. And it’s worth mentioning that the waste tires and plastics pyrolysis plant has great social and economical value:

1.The pyrolysis of waste tires or waste plastics will produce pyrolysis oil or fuel oil and carbon black. The pyrolysis oil can be used in steel plants, boiler heating, heavy oil generators and cement plants, and can also be refined into diesel. Carbon black can be further processed into carbon black balls and refined into carbon black powder. Carbon black powder can be made into new tires, shoe soles and paint.

pyrolysis plantThe application of pyrolysis plant product

2.The "three wastes" generated in the pyrolysis process can be recycled through technical measures. There is a small amount of carbon black in the slag, which is also a usable resource.

3.This is an environmental protection project, which has long-term social, environmental and economic benefits, effectively solves environmental pollution, and meets the requirements of national industrial policies.

So if you also want to treat the municipal solid waste like waste tires and plastics by pyrolysis plant and get considerable profits from it, welcome to contact Doing Company to customize the high quality waste tires and plastics pyrolysis plant at totally factory price!



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