Is the oil quality the same for plastic pyrolysis and tyre pyrolysis?

The quality of the fuel oil obtained from plastic and tyre is similar, and both plastic pyrolysis oil and tyre pyrolysis oil belong to furnace oil, which is mainly used for industrial heating purposes and after further refinery, they can be converted into commercial diesel.

Because both plastic and tyre are made of hydrocarbon polymers and their pyrolysis process is the same. The following is the brief introduction of the pyrolysis process:

pyrolysis plantDOING company waste tyres/plastics pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis is the process of molecular breakdown where larger molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. In the process of plastic/tyre pyrolysis, long chain polymer is broken down into smaller chains of Hydrocarbon Gas and Pyrolysis Oil.

During pyrolysis, the polymer waste is not burned, instead it is broken down into usable finished products like Pyrolysis Oil, Hydrocarbon Gas and Charcoal. Plastic and tyre pyrolysis can generate quality fuel with lower emissions, control plastic and tyre land pollution, recover energy from waste and help recycle carbon.

pyrolysis plantThe final output of tar oil pyrolysis plant

The pyrolysis fuel oil can be used in many industries, such as steel factories, heavy oil generators, cement factories, glass factories, etc. After further processing of distillation machine, this Pyrolysis oil can be changed into diesel oil which can be directly used for diesel oil generators, tractors and trucks, etc.

However, plastic pyrolysis oil and tyre pyrolysis oil are not exactly the same. The plastic pyrolysis oil and tyre pyrolysis oil are different in sulfur content, heating value, kinematic viscosity. Plastic pyrolysis oil will be lighter than tyre oil and has a lower sulfur content. Tyre pyrolysis oil has higher heating value but the sulfur content is not as good as plastic oil. Besides, plastic has various types and some of them contain more paraffin wax, which causes the kinematic viscosity of plastic pyrolysis oil is not as good as that of tyre pyrolysis oil.

sgs The SGS tire pyrolysis oil and SGS plastic pyrolysis oil reports of Doing Company

For more detailed differences, you can check the SGS tire pyrolysis oil and SGS plastic pyrolysis oil reports of Doing Company, but in general, the pyrolysis oil used as fuel oil has little difference in use.

The tire plastic pyrolysis oil produced by the environmentally friendly waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant produced by Henan Doing Company has high oil yield and good oil quality. If you need to build an environmentally friendly waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant, please contact us.


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