What is waste oil distillation machine? How about the market and development prospects?

Waste oil distillation machine is a machine that is used to further refine waste oil into diesel fuel, so it has the other name-waste oil refinery machine. Our waste oil distillation machine can refine various kinds of waste oil such as waste rubber oil, plastic oil, waste motor oil, etc. into good quality diesel and asphalt, which can also create great profits.

Our waste oil distillation machine is mainly composed of 4 reactors with different purpose, cooling system, vacuum system, filtering system and de-dusting system. Following is the general technological process of waste oil distillation machine.

The process of waste oil distillation plant

Waste oil( settling sludge off in sedimentation tank)→pre-heat treatment reactor(de-watering, de-salting,removing impurities)→distillation reactor→(high temperature distillation,fractionation)→condenser→diesel oil temporary storage tank→bleaching tank(refined oil decoloring)→oil filtering device→finished oil(diesel oil)→oil storage tank.

Doing oil distillation machine can refine waste oil into diesel very efficiently, and at the moment it is the most energy-saving refinery equipment in the market. And our equipment is hot sale in 90+ countries around the world, and there are more and more investors engage in the waste oil distillation and recycling project. The reason why waste oil distillation machines are so popular is indispensable from the good market and wonderful development prospects.

First of all, the waste oil materials are abundant to collect in a relative low price. As we all known, with the large number of vehicles on the road, Owners of these vehicles must change oil. This adds up to millions of gallons used lube oil that must be disposed of each year.Recycling waste oil gives automobile owners a safe way to dispose of their used oil, which can then be re-refined for use in automobiles again or as the industrial heating energy.

waste oilWaste oil material

In addition, the obtained products from waste oil distillation machine has a great profit margin. The diesel oil obtained by waste oil treatment manufacturers using waste oil refining equipment can directly replace standard diesel oil for machinery that does not require high diesel quality, such as diesel generators, agricultural machinery, etc., with high utilization value and wide sales. The obtained asphalt can also be sold directly to bitumen refineries or used for road paving.

dieselThe application of diesel

Besides that, waste oil distillation machine can effectively convert used oil into useful new energy, which reduces the waste of resources and environmental pollution. And some countries even publish the policies or gives allowances to waste oil distillation project.

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