What are the different types of pyrolysis furnaces?

Henan Doing Group, a leading company in the waste recycling to new energy machine fabrication industry, offers various types of pyrolysis furnaces for recycling waste tire, plastic, oil sludge, coal tar, aluminum plastic, solar panels, etc. Through this article, you will gain insight into the available pyrolysis furnace options in the market.

pyrolysis furnace for sale typesThree types of pyrolysis furnaces for sale

There are three main types of pyrolysis furnaces available to cater to different customer needs. Firstly, batch type pyrolysis furnaces come in various processing capacities ranging from 100kg to 15 tons per day, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse processing requirements. Secondly, semi-continuous pyrolysis furnaces offer similar processing capacities as batch type plants with varying throughput, the common processing capacities are 10, 12, 15, 18 tons per day. Lastly, the fully continuous type pyrolysis furnaces represent the most advanced option, featuring continuous feeding, running, and discharging capabilities, allowing for seamless 24/7 operation without interruptions, with the daily capacity of 15 to 50ton per day.

batch continuous types of pyrolysis furnaces for saleBatch continuous types of pyrolysis furnaces for sale

Waste pyrolysis furnaces are gaining popularity in the market, with DOING being a trusted manufacturer renowned for its mature pyrolysis technology. There are many successful case studies of pyrolysis plant implementations. DOING has successfully introduced numerous batch pyrolysis furnaces, semi-continuous pyrolysis furnaces and fully continuous pyrolysis furnaces to the market, such as India, Vietnam, Colombia, Malaysia, Venezuela, Thailand, America, Mexico, Nigeria, Fiji, Russia, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Haiti, etc.

pyrolysis furnaces project casesPyrolysis furnaces projects installed by DOING Company pictures

DOING pyrolysis furnaces offer environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, high economic efficiency, ease of operation, and superior product quality. They present an effective solution to address waste pollution and showcase promising applications in the market. For more information and inquiries about different types of pyrolysis furnaces for sale, please do not hesitate to reach out to Henan Doing Group.

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