What kind of fuel can we obtain from waste oil recycling plant?

Waste oil recycling plant, also called waste oil distillation machine, is a purification equipment to recycle waste oil to non-standard diesel. This passage will have a brief introduction about the raw materials, oil output, equipment types, etc. in addition to answer the question of what kind of fuel we can obtain from waste oil recycling plants.

1. Suitable raw materials and oil output

The waste oil recycling plant is mainly used to recycle the waste motor engine oil, lubricate oil, crude oil, waste tire plastic pyrolysis oil, liquid oil sludge, etc., with the common oil output between 80%-90%. Of course, if you have the higher requirements for the obtained diesel, you can use the decoloring system to make further purification, and the oil output will be lower, about 80%. That is to say, we can obtain about 800kg diesel from at least 1ton of waste oil, equal to about 930 liters of diesel oil.

Suitable raw materials and oil output for waste oil recycling plantSuitable raw materials and oil output for waste oil recycling plant

2. Applications of obtained fuel

From a waste oil recycling plant, we can obtain one kind of fuel: non-standard diesel, which mainly could be used to trailers, big trucks, and tractors, road machines, diesel generators and other heavy machines.

And according to the latest feedback from our Ghanaian client, they could obtain good quality fuel from the waste oil recycling plant and use the non-diesel in the diesel generator, but it's better to mix some standard diesel with it, to avoid producing smoke.

Applications of obtained fuel from waste oil recycling plantApplications of obtained fuel from waste oil recycling plant

3. Waste oil recycling plant types and selection

DOING has total two designs for the waste oil recycling plant: the traditional design and the latest design.

The traditional design needs to use the liquid catalysts(acid and alkali), which needs to be bought from the local market, but the cost of this design is cheaper, so for these customers who can get the liquid catalysts easily and cheaply, this type is a cost-effective choice.

Projects display of DOING waste oil recycling plantsProjects display of DOING waste oil recycling plants

Another design is our latest new design, using the solid catalyst which could be bought from us directly. For new design waste oil recycling plant, the solid catalyst used could also help to reduce some sulfur content in the diesel, which can enhance work efficiency and safety while ensuring obtained diesel quality. Of course, the cost of this type will be higher.

Now you must have a general understanding of the waste oil recycling plant, you can select the suitable type based on your actual situation. And if you have any questions about our waste oil recycling plants, just feel free to contact us, our sales manager can share the customized scheme with you.

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