Waste oil distillation to diesel plant

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How to recycle waste engine oil or other waste oil, throw away, pollute the environment. Have you ever think about turn waste oil into useful fuel oil? This is quite a good choice, if you want to do this job, you may need an equipment named waste oil distillation to diesel plant, this plant could purify waste oil to fuel oil, making profit from waste.

Working process of Waste oil distillation to diesel plant:

a> Pump the waste oil into reactor by oil pump.
b> Use coal/wood/natural gas/fuel oil/electricity heating the reactor.
c> After heating some time, the liquid oil will become oil gas, oil gas will be liquefied by the cooling pipe and condensers then will go into oil tank. Here we get mixed oil, or u can also call it fuel oil.
d> Some gases (syngas) like Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, and Hydrogen cannot be liquefied under normal pressure and normal temperature will be recycled to fire furnace heating the reactor.
e> When use burning material heating the reactor, will produce some smoke. These smokes will go into our de-dusting system, the inside we design some high pressure nozzles, these nozzles will spraying some chemical water, the dust will be absorbed by the chemical water and flowing into the de-dusting pool. In the pool we will put some chemical which could remove the sulfur.
f> The exhaust gas will go into the chimney sucked by draft fan, when emission the exhaust gas will become steam, no pollution.

Waste oil distillation to diesel plant is not only a green industry, but also with great economic benefit. Our waste engien oil distillation plant is pollution free, 100% safety, and we also ensure you long life time and high oil yield of our plant. Welcome your inquiry and visiting.

waste oil distillation
Waste oil distillation to diesel plant

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