Turn plastic back to oil machine

After constant exploration, DOING company has developed a device that can extract fuel oil from waste plastic - turn plastic back to oil machine.

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Henan doing mechanical equipment Co., Ltd are trying to find sustainable long term solutions to their waste management problems. We are looking for a technology which can convert the waste plastic to high quality oil for fuel. Although some of the easier to recycle and in demand polymers such as polyethylene and PET are baled and usually sent to the Far East for cheap processing, many other plastics such as silage wrap, multi layer films or laminates, contaminated plastics, industrial waste and the residual plastic waste from previous recycling operations are destined for landfill. There is currently no alternative sustainable use for these mixed waste plastics and considering the amount of oil contained within them, there exists a significant opportunity on a global scale to recover this value.

Machine that ture plastic back into oilTurn plastic back to oil machine

So nowdays, the waste plastic not only pollute the environment but also caused a waste of energy. Now we Henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd discover the turn plastic back to oil machine.



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