Machine convert plastic to oil

We have dealt with a series of commercially proven technologies for machine convert plastic to oil and found that the process is scalable and commercially viable.

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Commercial Validation about the process of Machine convert plastic to oil:

We have ever processed a serious of experience of the commercial validated about the technology of machine convert plastic to oil and there has ever been an agent providing us with a molecular audit. About the plastic to oil technology. The next step was to find out if the process was scalable and commercially viable.

Machine convert plastic to oil
machine convert plastic to oil

Over the next 2 years, the evolution from a tabletop unit, to a 1-ton processor, to a 20-ton processor was completed proving that both the processor and the process were scalable.

The final piece was to determine whether the machine convert plastic to oil was commercially viable. There were two primary areas of consideration:

1.  The cost of the inputs – the plastic feedstock, as well as the energy to run the system.
2.  The value of the outputs.

Cost of Inputs for the plastic to oil machine    

We quickly discovered that the plastic feedstock stream was plentiful.

The work that we had done with IsleChem demonstrated that a significant percentage of our production was off-gas, which we could use to help run our system, minimizing the energy inputs  required and significantly reducing the cost of operation.

Value of Fuel Output for the machine convert plastic to oil

Samples of the fuel output of our machine convert plastic to oil  were provided to a range of companies who proceeded to undertake their own analysis of the quality.

These independent tests were overwhelmingly favorable and resulted in fuel sales to those companies – at a price per barrel that validated the plastic to oil process as a commercially viable operation.

And also the machine convert plastic to oil will generate carbon black which can be further processed into fuel as coal.

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